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VCA-VIC’s Point of view on the content of the Open Letter from VMA

Melbourne, 9th February 2023

On February 6, 2023, Mr Bruce Mildenhall, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vietnamese Museum Australia Limited (VMA Ltd) sent an Open Letter to the Vietnamese community in both English and Vietnamese (attached).

The Executive Committee of the Vietnamese Community in Australia – Victorian Chapter strongly condemns the contents of the Open Letter. Clearly, the letter was written with malicious intent and is part of a scheme to smear the Executive Committee in order to create more division in our community.

First, there is a key difference between the two versions. While the opening of the English version does not address the subject of discussion about organising a protest, the Vietnamese version has the Secretary- General of the Executive Committee as the target. This is blatant discrimination and a gross violation of a community volunteer’s basic human rights. Consequently, the Executive Community will refer the matter to the relevant authorities for appropriate action.

Second, at the end of the Vietnamese version, Mr Bruce Mildenhall confirms that “our policy of not getting involved in Vietnamese Australian community politics.”. This openly public affirmation from VMA Ltd means neither agreeing nor respecting the operating principle of the Vietnamese Community in Australia – Victorian Chapter, which is to fight against the infiltration, manipulation and destruction of the Communist Party of Vietnam, to protect the community and protect Australia. The assertion from the Chairman of the VMA Ltd proves that the Vietnamese Australian Cultural Centre and Museum Project has evolved from a project for a dispora of Vietnamese refugees running away from communism to the one for Vietnamese Australians including communists.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyễn Quang Duy (President)

Phó Quốc Vân (Secretary-General)

Trần Đông (Vice-President, Finance & Planning)

Nguyễn Nathan (Vice-President, External Affairs)

Nguyễn Vi (Vice-President, Internal Affairs)

Nguyễn Kim Hương (Treasurer)

Nguyễn Viet Long (Chairman, Advisory & Monitoring Council)