VMA FUNDRAISING RESULTS: L’amour Reception Fundraising Dinner, 25/09/2022

To our valued Sponsors, Donors and members of the Community,

The Vietnamese Museum Australia is pleased to announce the results from our recent fundraising event at L’amour Reception.


Tickets $18,080

Sponsors $10,000

Auction $8,000

Donation $13,115

Total Receipts $49,195


Reception $12,800

Sound, Band & Singers $1,750

Promotion, Gifts, Flowers $725

Video $100

Total Expenses $15,375


We would like to extend a special thank you to Andy Vodafone St Albans and Selena Hot Bread St Sunshine for their tireless efforts to coordinate this fundraising event on behalf of the VMA.

We would also like to thank our generous community, sponsors, donors, volunteers, compatriots, performers and technicians whose contribution helped to make this fundraiser such a success.

For any queries, please contact the VMA Fundraising team: Mr. Lam Huu Loc on 0425 806 006 or Ms Be Ha on 0403 651 483.