Friday, February 23, 2024

Nhân Quyền

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Child Care Subsidy changes: Real people, real stories

Cassie and her 2 children aged 5 and 2

My name is Cassie and I have 5 year old and a 2 year old child, both at day care. Increasing the child care subsidy provides options and opportunities for our family. It could mean being able to send our children to day care for an extra day so we can go to work, or just simply helps with the ever-increasing cost of living pressures.

My children love and thrive at their day care, and continually ask if they can go “every day”. This would be unaffordable, but now this could be a real possibility.

With everything in life continually going up, it is a great relief to know that finally we get something back in our pocket, especially with child care being one of the most expensive costs for our family.

Tasman and his child aged 2

The increased child care subsidy will really help our family. I’ll feel like I’m no longer treading water financially and in the face of a housing crisis, every little bit counts. We can start saving for a deposit to buy our first home.

Laura and her children aged 1 and 4

As a low income earner, the changes to the subsidy makes child care more affordable.

And as a mother of two young children, the changes give me more agency to seek out work or education.

Cala and her child aged 3

These changes will have a really positive impact on our family. The increase in subsidy means we can afford to put our child into care an extra day a week. This gives me the opportunity to pick up more work, which will ease some of our financial pressures.

Adam and his child aged 3

Even just a small change in the subsidy helps our young family. As the sole earner it comes as a relief. We could pick up an extra day of care and my partner could consider taking on work. I would love to spend more time with my child in these precious early years of their life.

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