Saturday, July 13, 2024

Nhân Quyền

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Appointment of the Sub-Committee new members.


RE: Appointment of the Sub-Committee new members.

The Executive Committee would like to inform you of the decision to appoint new sub – committee members as follows:

  1. Ms Yen Bui accepts the role of Head of Education Sub – Committee. Ms. Yen is a teacher at Lac Hong Vietnamese School, she will help VCA-VIC connect with Vietnamese language schools to encourage our children to improve their Vietnamese.
  2. Mr Hà Công Nguyễn accepts the role of Head of Communication Sub – Committee.
  3. Ms Nghiem Le accepts the role of Deputy Head of Music and Entertainment Sub Committee. Nghiem Le is a singer with the ability to organise community activities and events, she has made a lot of contributions to the community.
  4. Mr Tan Hai Nguyễn, O.A.M is Head of Legal Sub – Committee, he is happy to take over the role of and Community Centre Development Sub – Committee.
  5. Mr Thi Nguyen accepts the role of Manager and Coordinator of Social Security Development Program. Mr Thi has experience in social work and he directly reports to Mr Nguyen Quang Duy, President of VCA-VIC.

The appointment took effect from November 27, 2023.

For the Executive Committee,

Duy Quang Nguyen