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VMA: Notification–Update on the application to Amend Planning Permit TP578/2020(1)

Vietnamese Museum Australia (VMA) – Notification – Update on the application to Amend Planning Permit TP578/2020(1)

Dear community member,

On the night of 26/04/2023, the Maribyrnong City Council held their City Development Delegated Committee Meeting where the VMA’s application to amend a condition on our town planning permit was heard. One of the conditions requires an agreement from a third party. This third party has indicated their implacable opposition to the proposal despite a range of options having been presented to them for over 2 years, and is an unfeasible planning permit condition to meet. Unfortunately, the hearing outcome was not in our favour and the decision to reject the amendment is a significant setback for the project which will inevitably delay our progress.

You like all of us, want to see the Yellow Flag flying at our own institution, an institution that this and future generations can be proud of, a place of truth telling about the Vietnam War, the many tragic stories of escape from the brutal communist regimes, the survival stories and our triumph in the third countries such as Australia. It is also a place where we will honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and democracy of South Vietnam including the 521 Australian soldiers and we owe it to them.

The first Vietnamese museum has always been about honouring the Yellow Flag and what it stands for, freedom and democracy, and human rights.

While disappointed, we are determined to continue our efforts to complete this historic project and everything it represents to the Vietnamese Australian community and the community at large, and have a number of steps in train to overcome this setback. We are currently in discussions with our sponsors, stakeholders and all levels of government to explore our options and future pathways for the Vietnamese Museum Australia.

We will update you with any progress as it comes and thank you for your continued support.

For further information on the Museum project, please visit or contact us via email at

Yours sincerely,

Communication Team Vietnamese Museum Australia