Sunday, February 25, 2024

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The VMA Ltd must refund to our VCA-VIC members…


RE: The VMA Ltd must refund to our VCA-VIC members…

Dear Community Leaders and Members,

The Executive Committee would like to inform you that we do not recognize the VMA Ltd as an identity in the VCA-Vic’ community activities.

In response to our VCA-Vic request, on Friday 12 January 2024, Mr. Bruce Mildenhall, chair of the VMA Ltd.’s Board of Directors, sent an email to inform us that he had removed the VCA-Vic from the list of 5 members of the VMA Ltd.

Also on Friday, January 12, 2024, the VMA Ltd contacted us to apply for having a stall at the VCA-Vic Tết Festival. We have carefully considered the application and rejected its application because its presence at our Tết Festival would create misunderstandings among our members that we have accepted the VMA Ltd as an identity in our Vietnamese community despite the fact that its lack of financial transparency.

The VMA Ltd has repeatedly announced that it belongs to the Vietnamese Community. In fact it does not. And out of gullibility, a large number of VCA-VIC members have contributed money to this company. But upon learning the fact that VMA Ltd is an independent company from the VCA-VIC, many members openly demanded money back. VCA-VIC has provided VMA Ltd. a list of donors who want their money back, to the Board of Directors, but so far VMA Ltd. have not responded or returned money to the donors.

Since the date of the handover, VMA Ltd. has never provided the current Executive Committee its Income and Expenditure Statements and its has never published the list of donors (financial contributors).

Therefore, our Executive Committee has decided that it will only consider the accreditation of the VMA Ltd when it has refunded to our members all monies mistakenly contributed to this company and made transparent all incomes and expenditures and published the list of financial contributors publicly.

Best regards,

For the Executive Committee,

Duy Quang Nguyen

President of VCA-VIC