Monday, June 24, 2024

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Recycling. It has the power to breathe new life into old things.

The way we’re managing waste in Australia is changing.

Recycling as a resource

Every time you recycle, you’re helping to Remake Australia into a better place for everyone.

There is a lot being done by the Australian Government to support industry to convert our recycling into valuable resources. The Government has invested in infrastructure that is needed to recycle rubbish into material that is then being used by industry to make new things.

Everything from roads and playgrounds to everyday items like furniture and jewellery are being made from recycled cardboard and plastic and glass bottles.

Tips for recycling at home

Every time you recycle, you’re not only supporting new industries and exciting new products, but you’re also helping to reduce landfill and emissions.

When you’re putting recycling into your kerbside bin:

  • Check the label before you chuck it – look for the ARL label – the Australasian Recycling Label – that will help you recycle correctly
  • make sure you flatten boxes
  • empty all food and liquid from containers
  • put items in the bin loose – don’t put them in a plastic bag
  • if you’re unsure of how to recycle something, check your council’s website, the ’RecycleMate’ app or the recycling near you website.
  • if you’re still unsure about whether something can be recycled, put the item in your kerbside landfill bin instead of the recycling bin. This helps reduce contamination in the recycling bin and ensures that your recycling can be recycled.

Recycling technology

Australian manufacturers are developing innovative ways to use recycled materials. All sorts of things are being made from recycled and salvaged materials.

This includes: furniture, building products, packaging products, copy paper, signage, road surfacing, board walks, playground equipment, and more.

We can all play our part and choose to buy recycled products. When we buy recycled, we support new industries and help care for our environment.

Find out more

To find out more about the Government’s National Waste Policy Action Plan, and what you can do to recycle more of your household waste go to: